Standard Window Period Of 5 Year Cycles

This is the standard window period being utilized by all industry stakeholders in regard to the testing of fire prevention, fire proofing and/or anti-fire devices, installations and materials and instruments. Needless to say, such yearly cycles are not cast in stone and are generally flexible as the case may be. The 5 year fire sprinkler testing california requirement is being regulated but not necessarily stringently followed through.

5 year fire sprinkler testing california

In fact, it remains challenging for regulations-driven authorities to police this necessary risk management exercise. And the challenge remains in educating the public, both domestic and commercial, on the importance of exercising prudence and discipline in regard to risk management practice. The consequences of not doing so have been propagated loud and clear. Even today, there is more than enough physical evidence to show the consequences of not keeping to a well-kept risk management schedule.

You only need to take another look at your nightly news bulletins and see, yet again, the horrific devastation being caused by all the runaway fires out in California. And in other areas of the world too. The Middle East, Europe’s Iberian Peninsula and Australia come to mind in this regard. The argument goes that while all these naturally-occurring wildfires are essentially a direct consequence of global warming, much could be done to restrict or limit the damage being caused.

It is not possible to quickly put a fire out if the factory’s sprinkler system is not working. It is not possible to rescue a residential property’s roof if the pavement fire hydrant is not working. No furniture or appliances and other household items could be salvaged if the handheld fire extinguisher is not working as it should. All such items will work just as long as they have been tested to schedule.