Anomaly Industries

We are currently upgrading our website so we can introduce new versions of software. We are also addressing issues with our Google Image Search Widget. An update will be available shortly.


As of 2005 Anomaly Industries is now charging $7.50 for select applications. We hope to expand our services and provide more updates for all of our applications. To purchase an application, click it's icon, then select the purchase link on the page. Please note, it may take several days to process your purchase order, so please be patient.

Contact and E-mail addresses

We handle all of our contact information through our various e-mail addresses. Please make sure you are e-mailing the correct person in regards to your query. Please note, some e-mails may get filtered out by our junk mail filter. If you do not receive a reply, this is perhaps the reason.

Kevin Montgomery – [email protected]
Kevin Montgomery is the lead programmer at Anomaly Industries, he is responsible for Mercury Hg3 and Chlorine, as well as some other projects. Kevin can answer questions regarding REALbasic, HTML, PHP, JavaScript, Cocoa, Carbon, and other programming languages

elfbc5000se take a look at the site here

Jeremy LeWitt – [email protected]
Jeremy is the second programmer at Anomaly Industries. He is responsible for Oxygen O2 and various other projects. Jeremy can answer questions regarding AppleScript (Studio as well), REALbasic, HTML, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, Cocoa, Carbon, C/C++, and other programming languages.

Anomaly Industries – [email protected]
Anomaly Industries e-mail. General inquires, bug reports, developer questions, basically, anything you want to ask.

Serial Numbers – [email protected]
Questions regarding your serial number for a program license you have purchased.