At Anomaly Industries we release software in terms of three categories. These categories include commercial software, beta software, and freeware. Our commercial software includes our major applications such as Mercury Hg3, Oxygen O2, and Chlorine. We sell these applications for $7.50 a user. From time to time we elect to release yet-to-be completed software as beta software on our website. This software is available free of charge, but isn’t fully functional. We also create small pieces of software that are we do not sell, we release this software as freeware.

Commercial Software

Mercury Hg3

Mercury Hg3 was our first software release. Mercury Hg3 premiered over two years ago when OS X and iTunes were still just starting to gain popularity. Due to the wide scale integration of iTunes, we have stopped further development on Mercury Hg3, but we still fully support this application. Mercury Hg3 is great for computers running OS 9 and OS X.

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Oxygen O2

Oxygen O2 is the perfect companion for Mac OS X. With UNIX at its core, Mac OS X has many powerful command line utilities, and Oxygen O2 makes the utilities easy to use. Instead of using a command line interface, Oxygen O2 lets you run power UNIX commands with a standard Graphical User Interface.

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Chlorine is a great app for managing all the files on your hard drive. Mac OS has always hidden files from users, and now with Chlorine you can finally see what is hiding on your hard drive. Chlorine’s easy to use file browser makes finding and removing invisible files easy. You can even view text, data, and picture files, and launch files.

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Beta Software


CSSBuilder is a simple, what you see is what you get website maker. Elegant drag and drop interface allows quick website design that maintains a uniform appearance across different web browsers. Pallet-based designs organize HTML properties into groups for easy editing. Ease of use for beginners, and packed with features for advanced users.

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Music Box

Drum sets beware, you have been replaced. Music Box is the perfect digital companion for any percussionist. Multiple drum sets and sounds along with an easy to use song grid make Music Box perfect for creating drum beats. You can even transcribe beats in real time using the keyboard as a drumset.

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Check out the Small Apps section for small applications, widgets, and freeware.