Music Box

Music Box

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You don’t need an expensive drum kit to be the world’s next great drummer. Anomaly Industries’ Music Box makes a great digital companion to all the aspiring drummers out there. We start with the basic instrument/beat grid. You can easily add instruments and measures and create a song by clicking by clicking beats into the grid. But let’s say you have a great song in your head and you can’t quite match it up in the program. Just open up the drum record window and you can easily transcribe your drum beat in real time using the keyboard. No need for expensive MIDI equipment! Just set up the drum keys and hit record. Music Box will even calculate the tempo, and then you can save your song into the grid for editing.


Music Box is currently in development. We have received feedback from some users all ready, but we need more to make sure Music Box is the best app it can be. Please download it and test it out. If you have any questions or would like to request features, send us an e-mail.

Note:Anomaly Industries and its programmers are not responsible for information lost due to the use of this program
*Some features not fully implemented because of beta status