Oxygen O2

Oxygen O2

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When we first started designing Oxygen O2, we were targeting Mac OS X users who wanted to fully utilise the power of UNIX, but without the unfamiliar, and most important, un-Macintosh style command line. We set to work picking and choosing UNIX commands that were extremely powerful and useful. Then we made sure that they ran safely so as not to harm the computer. Lastly, we interconnected commands to derive even more power from UNIX. The end result is a powerful, and easy to use program for someone new to UNIX, or an advanced user that prefers a graphical user interface to command line.

Command Line, meet Mouse Click – Oxygen O2 provides you with important computer related information that can help you diagnose problems locally on your computer, and also on a network. Easily check for applications running on your computer that you may not know about, or see if any application is leaking memory. A memory leak can eat up spare RAM and slow down your computer. You can also see who is running a process, this is useful if you think someone is attacking your computer. You can also check the integrity of your network to make sure there aren’t any bottle necks that are slowing down your connection.

Advanced users welcome – Although Oxygen O2 was designed for new Mac OS X users, advanced users will still find Oxygen O2 indispensable. No longer do you have to type out UNIX commands just get simple results. Although Oxygen O2 does not have every UNIX command built in, we do have an solution. You can easily run your own UNIX commands from a command line style interface.


  • Easy access to popular UNIX commands
  • No need to use Terminal
  • Familiar interface to powerful utilities
  • Keep an eye on what your computer is REALLY doing
  • Diagnose problems with your computer

Note:Anomaly Industries and its programmers are not responsible for information lost due to the use of this program