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In case you haven’t heard, CSSBuilder is the quickest and easiest way to make a webpage. Using drag and drop objects, you’ll have a website together in no time flat. What’s even better, the website appears exactly how you designed it, no more guessing if your webpage will look right depending on who’s looking at it and with what browser.


CSSBuilder has a long list of features, so we will only include a few here:
  • Drag and Drop interface
  • Use local and web-based images*
  • Pallet-based object properties
  • Layer pallet for easy access to each HTML object
  • Inline cropping an auto-export for cropped images*
  • Inline resizing
  • Preview in default browser
  • Free for a limited time!


Currently, CSSBuilder is still in development, but we are making great progress everyday and it will soon be on sale. Since CSSBuilder is still in development, there are bugs and features that don’t quite work yet. You may ask why anyone would want to use an application like this. The answer is quite simple. You can get a feel for the application, and also provide feedback for features you might like to see in the final version.

Note:Anomaly Industries and its programmers are not responsible for information lost due to the use of this program
*Some features not fully implemented because of beta status