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Did you know that there are perhaps millions of invisible files at any given time on your Macintosh? Did you know that the Finder system has no way of making these invisible files visible? Did you know that Chlorine can?

Chlorine allows you to peer into your hard drive and look at ALL the files that are on it, visible or not. Many times programs will leave files strewn about your hard drive, and they won’t get cleaned up when you delete the program. Overtime these files build up, robbing you of precious hard drive space.

Are you concerned about the security of your computer? Do you have sensitive files you need hidden from other users on your computer? Not to worry, Chlorine can also hide files as well. The easy-to-use interface lets your change the visibility of files with one click. You can also manipulate files with one click. Copy and move files with ease, launch hidden files and folders in their native applications, or quickly view their contents in Chlorine. Chlorine also keeps a log of everything it does, so you can be sure that there were no mistakes.


  • Quick navigation through informative file viewer
  • View text, data, and picture files
  • Delete or send files to the trash
  • Make invisible files visible in the Finder
  • See EVERYTHING on your harddrive
  • Launch files from Chlorine
  • Great companion for OS X and OS 9
  • Free 30 day trial!

Note:Anomaly Industries and its programmers are not responsible for information lost due to the use of this program